Open Fancybox on page load

This is a quick look at how to open and/or launch jQuery Fancybox on page load. If you want Fancybox to open each time the page loads all you need to add is: $(“.fancybox”).fancybox().trigger(‘click’); That being said, you probably don’t want it loading every time you go to that page.  That could get pretty annoying! … Continued

WordPress tabbed Photo Gallery / Slider

Need to create a gallery/slider for a client? Do they have multiple gallery’s/slider’s? Well you don’t have to always put them on separate pages.  You can us a jQuery-Ui Tabs and the Royal Slider! The following will show you how to finish making a WordPress tabbed Photo Gallery / Slider for your website. Quick run … Continued

Advanced Media Search – WordPress

I came across Media Library Assistant when I was in desperate need of a search fix for the media section in WordPress. This came up when images were being optimized.  Once an image is optimized you can no longer search for it via its file name, but name now given to it.  If a client … Continued

Gravity Forms Tab Not Going to Next Field?

You’ll notice that if you have more than one Gravity Form on the page and you are in the first field of the form and hit “tab” that you tend to jump to the second form. If you’re website has multiple forms on numerous pages it really could be a hassle to go through each … Continued

WordPress Search and Replace Tool

Run into a situation when you are migrating WordPress sites or you’ve built a dev site filled with content, images and files, yet have this ugly url attached to it?  Well this is here to help with that problem and solve it for you! Lets say your domain is (can’t help but to promote … Continued

Break Time

The night before I ran into a specific issue while programming a new feature for a website.  I was convinced and has the solution and after what I believe was wrapping up the my work I had realized my idea had not worked.  I worked till 4am trying to figure out the error and why … Continued