Google Maps InfoWindow, Advanced Custom Fields (acf)

I’ve been fortunate enough to use Advanced Custom Fields (acf) add-on of Google Maps several times and have had really nice results (pairs vary well with snazzy maps for google map visual customization). The only thing is that its not documented very well passed its default use.  Often enough you want default functionality that google … Continued

Open Fancybox on page load

This is a quick look at how to open and/or launch jQuery Fancybox on page load. If you want Fancybox to open each time the page loads all you need to add is: $(“.fancybox”).fancybox().trigger(‘click’); That being said, you probably don’t want it loading every time you go to that page.  That could get pretty annoying! … Continued

WordPress tabbed Photo Gallery / Slider

Need to create a gallery/slider for a client? Do they have multiple gallery’s/slider’s? Well you don’t have to always put them on separate pages.  You can us a jQuery-Ui Tabs and the Royal Slider! The following will show you how to finish making a WordPress tabbed Photo Gallery / Slider for your website. Quick run … Continued