Magento Simple Configurable Products

Configurable products are great, but when you need to use simple product pricing for different groups then configurable products on their own just wont cut it. Simple Configure Products¬†is free and is actually the best option for this situation. Magento Simple Configurable Products, makes it so the price for configurable products is taken directly from … Continued

Show Magento Custom Attribute

To show and/or display a Magento Custom Attribute after you’ve set it up is very simple. Simple add the following: <?php echo $_product->getAttributeName() ?> Or use in an if statement for more control: <?php if( $_product->getAttributeName() != ”): ?> //echo the attribute here as seen above <? endif; ?> Using either of the options will … Continued

Magento If Statements

Magento can create a few puzzling question along the way and hopefully some of this information will help clear that up! In my personal experience I’ve used “if-statements” in Magento a great deal to keep the structure intact while still have a very high level of control. Here are a few snippets that will help … Continued