WordPress Ajax Request with Axios (Timber templating)

Previously when making a server-side Ajax request you would send a post request with something like this: //data contains your action and whatever other variables you are sending over $.post(ajaxurl, data,function(res){ var json_obj = JSON.parse(res); if(json_obj.message === “nomore”) { //out of posts, maybe fade out the load more button } else { // append the content … Continued

WordPress, Password Protected Data in Endpoints

I recently worked on a small Web Application using Vue on the front-end and WordPress as the backend.  The client had a static site, wanted a blog, as well as CPT for loading specific type projects (not viewable on the blog, but the static site).  Some of these projects were also password protected, and when loading … Continued

Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Pagination

In the code below you will see an example of  Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Pagination with an image gallery mapped to a custom field named images with a sub field named image which contains an image object. The Repeater will be displayed on a page at the URL (just an example) /pictures. 12 images will be displayed per page, and pagination … Continued

Google Maps InfoWindow, Advanced Custom Fields (acf)

I’ve been fortunate enough to use Advanced Custom Fields (acf) add-on of Google Maps several times and have had really nice results (pairs vary well with snazzy maps for google map visual customization). The only thing is that its not documented very well passed its default use.  Often enough you want default functionality that google … Continued