WordPress Search and Replace Tool

Run into a situation when you are migrating WordPress sites or you’ve built a dev site filled with content, images and files, yet have this ugly url attached to it?  Well this is here to help with that problem and solve it for you!

Lets say your domain is wastelandgraphics.com (can’t help but to promote myself), and your dev and/or staging link is something along the lines of devtestlink.wlg.com.  You’ve built this great site but have all these file/images/links that may contain that dev/staging link still.  Well this helps solve all of that.

If you go to the link HERE, you can download the WordPress version, among others as well.

This tool gives you a file you’ll want to place in your root folder (so it can access your wpconfig file).  Once place there you’ll want to go to your “domainyouareworkingon.com/nameofthefile.php”.  This will then give you a prompt of what tables you’ll want to select (example can be seen on links page).  FInally you’ll will input the link you are looking for “domainyoudontlike.com” and replace it the domain you are using for site and POW! All those link/files/images and now cleaned up!

I can’t stress how much a time saver this is.  The complete tool for searching WordPress and replacing old link structures.