Break Time

The night before I ran into a specific issue while programming a new feature for a website.  I was convinced and has the solution and after what I believe was wrapping up the my work I had realized my idea had not worked.  I worked till 4am trying to figure out the error and why this wasn’t working for me. I pasted out and called it night.

The next morning I honestly thought for a moment that what I wanted to do was actually impossible. I get up to get some coffee as to not destroy my computer because obviously I’m not wrong or fallible, it’s the computers fault as always. Running through the different options in my head as to get a specific result while I’m walking to star bucks and removing myself from the situation, was able to give me instant clarity, and just like that the I was able to acknowledge that I just needed one specific line of code to achieve my task.

I don’t really believe in taking a break, but I have to acknowledge that I’ve solved all my major programming problems by removing myself from the situation for a moment. I prefer to get locked in and just grind, for hours and hours on end. That’s how I like it, that’s how I’ve completed great work. But when grinding for so long it can easily blind you to a simple solution, that only requires a moment of clarity

Welp, thats about it. Some random hashtag, o’doyle rules and back to work. I leave you with this classic gem: