Gravity Forms Tab Not Going to Next Field?

You’ll notice that if you have more than one Gravity Form on the page and you are in the first field of the form and hit “tab” that you tend to jump to the second form. If you’re website has multiple forms on numerous pages it really could be a hassle to go through each one.

Fortunately there’s a simple function you can place at the bottom of your functions.php to solve that!

add_filter("gform_tabindex", create_function("", "return 4;"));

//If you are having trouble with a specific form, you can use the form ID in the follow code example.  Lets say form 6 is the problem! Just add the follow:

add_filter("gform_tabindex_6", create_function("", "return 4;"));

Run with it, test it out.  I hope this is as much as a help for you as it was for me.